Sunday, April 15, 2007

... And the Rabbit Died

Friday was my birthday. Born on Friday the 13th, and for the 6th time in the 45 years since, a birthday on Friday the 13th. The first wasn't until I turned 11, and I got sick that day, so I figured for a while that Friday the 13th birthdays might be bad.

This year, it was dinner at the in-laws. Elianna spoiled the "surprise" Thursday night, when at dinner she blurted out, "we ordered a cake!!" That's ok, I can live with that, so long as I get my slice of 7-layer cake.

We went to the in-laws separately; Lori with the kids and me from work. After dinner, I trailed on the ride home. As Lori approached the driveway, a rabbit darted out in to the road. And... Lori hit it. Or it hit Lori. I'm not quite sure which, it just got swallowed up by the underside of the car, and as Lori pulled in to the driveway there was the rabbit in the road in what had to be horrible pain, making spastic leaping movements to and fro though not able to get to its feet, its eyes wild with terror in its final moments.

I drove around it, and up to the garage. Lori and the kids were exiting the car, both of them saying "we win, we win" as a statement of a "race" home. I said to Lori, "I can't believe you hit that rabbit," and after she finished saying "what rabbit?" and "I didn't see any rabbit," continued, "I hope it was the one who ate our crocuses," and, "is it still there?"

"Well," I thought out loud, "it's probably dead by now."

And then a slice of human nature revealed itself to me.

"Can we see? Can we see?" The cries were clear. We walked back to the road, and the rabbit by now was quite dead, but it was dark. "Can I get a flashlight? Pleeeeeaaase?"

It was more exciting for them than the robin that managed to fly at full speed in to the living room window last week, crashing with a explosive thud and remaining plastered to the window just long enough for us all to see the feathers fly.

Saturday morning, the rabbit was gone, like it had never happened. Big rabbit, too, wonder what made off with it. I hope it wasn't the animal that ate our corn last year.

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