Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Raspberries

Just a few weeks ago, when a seemingly extraordinary heat wave allowed us to keep the pool open well in to October, I wrote about a potential Thanksgiving Pool Party. OF course, I wasn't exactly serious, as we closed the pool just two days after the note... though it might have been warm enough to swim on Halloween.

It wasn't warm enough to swim, but things stayed alove. Leaves stayed on trees. And without a hard freeze, many plants continued to grow.

It snowed a bit Wednesday night. And, no, we didn't go swimmimg yesterday on Thanksgiving. But we did go out and pick raspberries. We had cousins visiting. From Florida. And, when brunch was over, I just asked, "who wants to go pick raspberries?" They may live in Florida, but they still understand that something about raspberries in Michigan in late November just seems a little... weird. So, out we went. A nice full basket later, we were satisfied. Elianna ate all the raspberries, of course.
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