Sunday, July 11, 2010

A letter to Toadstool Cottage

She may just be in it for the golden dollars under the pillow, but creativity is what it is. Looking for responses from Toadstool Cottage! (and a spelling coach)

2 Toadstool Cottage
June 26, 2010

Dear Fairy,

I'm Elianna Orel. I have not ever talked to a fairy before and I don't know any fairy names, I just hope my letter gets to a fairy!

A long time ago my brother said there was no such thing as fairies and I almost stopped believing but before I stop believing completely I want to know the truth. So I wrote this letter. If I get a letter back I will believe in fairies, if I don't get a letter back I won't believe in fairies. But if it is in my mom or dad's handwriting I might stop believing in fairies. If a fairy gets this letter then I have a few questions to ask you: 1) What is it like being a fairy? 2) Is it hard to be a fairy? 3) does every fairy have a job at one point? 3) What is your name? 4) How old are you? 5) Do you get letters from people who are not fairies often? 6) How big is a full grown fairy? 7) How big is a baby fairy? 8) How big are you? 9) How are you doing? 10) Do you have a job? 11) If you do have a job what is it? I hope you're doing good.

Elianna Orel

P.S. I mailed this to you by putting it under my pillow and what do you do when you lose a tooth and then you actually lose it and you don't know where it is?

Please write back to me.