Monday, March 06, 2006

Return to Mount Holly

Or, return to the scene of the tears.

We got back the verdict on Lori's MRI on Friday. Torn ACL and torn meniscus, which means 3 weeks of physical therapy and then surgery and then more physical therapy. We had to take a CD from the MRI lab to the doctor; I tried to read it in the interim, but didn't get too far. Shoulda made a copy and posted an image or two: Lori's leg, cross-section.

But we still had the free passes from Mt. Holly, so I took Aaron up on Saturday afternoon. They had a little slalom race going for skiers of "all abilities," so I signed us up. We're not racers. We finished 28th and 30th out of 32, according to the website. But we did finish, every time down.

Got to the lodge and up to the eating area. I tried to explain to Aaron some of what I'd learned about Mt. Holly's history. I told him that some famous people had played concerts there, that Bob Seger used to play right over on the other side of the building. Aaron's eyes lit up, and he asked, "Did Pete seeger ever play here?" That would have impressed him.

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