Monday, December 04, 2006

Revenge of the spammer

Mail programs are better, filters are better. At places such as gmail, I can open my mail relatively free from spam risk. Maybe not quite the same on my home account, but not too bad.

So now the spammers are coming for the blogs. Seemingly out of nowhere, I'm now getting 3, 4 spam "comments" per day to various old blog posts. Invariably the ones about Barry Bonds and website traffic are the ones attacked in this manner.

I don't post for comments, don't ask for them. The blog has no particular theme, and I don't advertise it. It just is. Whoever finds the blog will find it, and if someone finds it interesting I suppose a comment or two may come (I think I'm at a grand total of 2 now, in just over a year). And yet, now my comments are moderated, as a spam defense.

Tonight, the most awful horror yet: I logged in to get rid of the collected spam, and instead of hitting the "Delete" button, I accidentally hit the "Publish" button instead. Revenge of t he spammer! No way to get that click back, it requires going through the blog and seeing where they landed. I got my blog back... for now.

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