Monday, December 12, 2011

Big day for Elianna

The Frankel Jewish Academy put on "The Wizard of Oz" as its Fall show this year, and as part of the cast invited children ages 7-14 to try out for parts as Munchkins and Flying Monkeys. Elianna was all in, of course.

Saturday night, on the way to dropping her off to prepare for the 2nd of the 3 performances, we had the following dialogue:
Elianna: "Have you ever worn lipstick?"
Dad: "Yes"
Elianna: "When?!?"
Dad: "I was in plays once."
Elianna: "What parts were you?"
Dad: "I don't remember!!"
Elianna: "Then you didn't have any big parts."

All in.

Sunday was the final performance, a matinee.
But Elianna also had Martial Arts testing, scheduled at noon.
Made it through. She'll get her belt -- GREEN -- the next time she goes, but she passed.
Then, on to FJA, and the last go-round as a munchkin, member of the Lollypop Guild, and a Flying Monkey. She gets to keep the Munchkin and Flying Monkey hats.

It was, in short, a big day.

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