Saturday, February 18, 2006

First Ski Run of the Season... and the last, too

Aaron had an offday from school yesterday; Elianna still had her pre-school. Perfect opportunity. I took a vacation day, and Lori and I took Aaron skiing. It was windy and the temperature had dropped 35 degrees overnight, but Mt. Holly is open (mount! 380 feet and they call it a mount). Aaron isn't much for sports, he despises team sports. But the solo sports
-- skiing and biking, he loves those. He's been taking lessons, they pick up on Sunday mornings half a block from the house, so we figured to see what he's learned.

We took the video camera. We'd capture this occasion. Lori was excited. She'd skied there as a kid, but that was... a while ago. Aaron was excited. Mt. Holly has a quad detachable lift, only one in souther Michigan, and he really likes it. The website said the lift was open. The phone message said the lift was open today. We got there, the lift wasn't open. Too windy.

First run of the day... First run! Aaron guns down the hill. Lori calling from behind to turn, show us a turn. And... Lori wipes out. Really ugly wipeout. Sometimes skiers look graceful going down. This wasn't graceful. The binding didn't release. Her knee popped. Looks like she tore a medial, but we won't know for sure until she can see an orthopedist or sports injury doctor, and that won't be till next Thursday. For our 3 hours of the hurry-up-and-wait routine at the hospital, during which we never saw an actual doctor (the Wayne State student and the Physician's Assistant did have very nice bedside manner, we'll give 'em that), we escaped with a $50 co-pay -- I didn't ask what it'd be for the uninsured. The folks at Mt. Holly were nice, they gave us a free pass for another day (come wreck your other knee! On us!!).

Lori had the video camera with her when she went down -- we think it came out unharmed. She chose not to videotape her own ordeal.

I have since learned that, back in the '60's, Mt. Holly's ski lodge had a popular teen club. That's where ? and the Mysterians performed "96 Tears" -- and, after yesterday, I can see where that title came from. The Yardbirds played there. Seger rambled and maybe gambled there.

I haven't seen the lodge yet. But I did meet the ski patrol. Doesn't quite seem the type of place that would have that history, I guess.

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