Sunday, February 19, 2006

We're in Wikipedia

We've arrived! Yes, we now have our very own link from Wikipedia.

I have to admit, it never really occurred to me to list our own pages in Wikipedia, but I noticed yesterday that the site has had some incoming hits from there. Backtracking, I discovered that the Wikipedia reference for the song "Atlantic City" links to my discography. So there we are.

I flipped through Wikipedia, finding its discography. It's pretty detailed with the chart information -- more of it than on mine, actually. But then I saw that a lot of the dates for album releases were wrong. They got the date for Born to Run wrong. So I made my first-ever edit in Wikipedia, to straighten out the dates.

Now, my question for myself is: Do I add links to the discography and charities pages? My inuition is yes, but I'll think it over a bit first.

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