Sunday, August 06, 2006

Charity results, Q2 2006

Last November, I established an associates account with amazon, going primarily from my discography page ( Any sales generated by people navigating to amazon from my site generates commissions, that amazon eventually sends my way.

As I noted at that time, anything that comes my way from will be turned over to charity, on a quarterly basis, doubled by a match from me. All selected charities will be from the set of charities documented at

During the second quarter of 2006, I introduced a new section of the site, "The Songs of the Seeger Sessions," at When the site was prominently linked in from and from several other high-volume sites shortly before the release of "The Seeger Sessions," traffic on my sites increased substantially. I added amazon linkage to the new section shortly thereafter.

Due in large part to the increased traffic, a total of 157 items were sold by amazon off links from the site during Q2, including 58 copies of "The Seeger Sessions." Total commissions for the quarter were $144.28, more than tripling the previous high. With rounding, this quarter's donation+match is $300.00.

I have selected three charities as equal recipients of this quarter's commission + match:
All of these charities combat hunger in various way, and Bruce has repeatedly supported their work over the years

If you buy things at amazon (doesn't have to be Bruce stuff), please consider going through one of the links off, or the left panel link on any page within the new site "The Songs of the Seeger Sessions" ( You'll get the same prices as ever, and a percentage will end up with one of the charities. If you have any recommendations for the next recipient, please contact me.

Thanks to everyone who has participated! Results for Q3, along with the next recipient, will be announced in approximately 3 months.

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