Thursday, August 03, 2006

Heat, Apples and Crickets

July 23, a cool night, finally time for the first apple cider of the season -- tart! Using the transparents. Nearly 3 gallons, and just in time, we were down to our last gallon, and I wouldn't have wanted to buy any. At the farmers' market someone was selling something called "Lodi," which is very similar. Someone else was selling all the corn you could fit in a bag for $2.50. I bought the corn -- 20 ears.

Then, the heat wave. So hot I almost put the roof up in the convertible... but I resisted. The pool hit 88.2 degrees, with zero chlorine. A fungus came and wiped out the cucumbers, pretty much overnight. Not as bad as the animals attacking the corn... but only because corn is nearly holy and cucumbers aren't.

July 31, the crickets came out.
August 2, a light show as the clouds rolled in and the heat wave finally broke. Heat lightning everywhere.

This is the best time of year. Too bad it all ends so quickly.

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