Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Winter finally arrives

Winter finally started today.

Our streak of days at least 7 degrees above normal ended last week at 31, and we ended up with 37 consecutive days above normal, altogether. Today was the first day of winter with temperatures below normal.

We did have a nasty little ice storm Sunday night, took out a few pretty big trees around the neighborhood. I think it finally killed off the broccoli plants; first the winds took off the covers, then the ice froze the plants. They looked pretty stiff yesterday.

Yesterday was the rare day with me off from work with the kids in school. Maybe the last such day this year. So I got to do after-school pickup. The sleet turned to snow just about pickup time. I picked up Elianna ath the kindergarden, and by the time I turned to warn her to be careful on the ice, she had her tongue out to collect the snowflakes. Snow, after all, is one of her favorite foods. The follow-up of "You Are My Sunshine" was the bonus for what had been a grey day.

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