Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ten Years Ago...

Aaron, age 3 days.
(Aaron, age 3 days).

February 27, 1997

This is what I wrote, when I finally got home from a long, unplanned night in the hospital:

If you've never seen a C-Section performed, here is one word to help you picture it: ALIEN. "What does it look like, honey?" "Oh, Sigourney Weaver is going to show up any second now to fight 'em off, otherwise you look great!"

February 26, 1997. We went to the hospital for a non-stress test. This is a test which is performed on women who are beyond the expected delivery date. Basically, they hook up a monitor to check whether the baby is in distress or if there are any signs of contractions -- anything which could cause the doctors to induce labor.

Lori's mother had wanted to go for this test, but this time I said I would go. Call it a premonition.

I arrived at 11am, Lori had already arrived and they had started early with her. I found the room, it was hot and muggy and Lori was very uncomfortable, trying to find a way to sit without losing the monitor and without sweating too much.

A few minutes later, Lori began experiencing great pain. This appeared to be more than just a bad sitting position. The nurse came in, cancelled the sonogram that was to follow the non-stress test, and sent us down to the delivery area to see if the contractions were part of labor.

They were. By the time we got downstairs, the contractions were two minutes apart. So much for our breathing exercises, this was off the scale. By 2pm, Lori was at 8 centimeters and the baby was showing signs of distress. We avoided an emergency C when things calmed down for a while, but after the baby's hearts rate dropped again, we initiated the
scene from Alien.

Aaron's purple head was raised from Lori's belly at 3:08 pm on February 26, 1997. Mother, baby and father are all well, if a little tired. Sigourney Weaver hasn't shown up yet; I don't think we'll need her.

Aaron Samuel Orel, born 3:08pm, February 26, 1997.
weight 7 lbs, 1 oz., length 20.5 inches
December 10, 2006.

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