Saturday, February 17, 2007

You're supposed to say "damn"!!

As a loose rule, we try to exhibit some self-discipline with language around the kids. This has side benefits beyond the specifics of certain words -- including, of course, that what we say to the kids is bound to be repeated in situations where we might rather not have them repeated.

Elianna can be particularly open. Last week when I picked her up at MyGym, she went in to her "jump!" bit, in which I hold out my hands so she can use them as leverage to jump. About that time, she also realized she could use me as a hinge and, instead of jumping up and down, swing herself to kick me... sometimes right where it hurts most. So I held out my hands, and when she aimed for me I pulled back. "Jump! Jump!" And, to anyone who would listen, "I'm going to kick my daddy's p***s!!" (see that? self-discipline in a blog.)

On Wednesday I was stuck at home, too much snow to get out. All the schools canceled. Early afternoon, she asked me to read the attached picture to her. It's a postcard came with a calendar of weird cat pictures and captions that Lori got for her. So I read, "I don't know why I'm so mad at that tulip, but I am." She laughed. "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO SAY 'DAMN'!!"

I can hardly wait for them to be teenagers.

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