Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Thanksgiving Pool Party in Michigan

Back in January, I wrote about the local weather. Seemed we were getting unusually warm weather for an extended period of time, and it seemed a bit... scary. For a period of more than a month, every day was warmer than "normal," most by a wide margin -- 10 degrees or more.

Well, the early fall provided an encore of the heat. Today marks the 22nd consecutive day above normal, and the hottest came last. This past weekend saw temperatures 25 degrees above normal.

So what else is there to do, but... SWIM!!

So we sent out the late invites. Had to call it early, 'cause by 3:45 the sun's behind the trees.

And people started to come.

And some more people came.

Because when it's 90 degrees on October 8th in Michigan, that's what you do. At least, given the opportunity. Glad we didn't stay the whole weekend in Philadelphia! Gotta live in the moment at home. Last Sunday was the sukkah pool party, this weekend 40 people for the October pool party.

Yesterday was the last of the sweltering days. Since it was a work/school day, no swimming in the heat, just in the evening, after the sun went down. We said our goodbyes for the year.
The last swim.
Elianna did one last pool dance to celebrate the end.

The temperature dropped a little today, tomorrow fall sets in, and the day after that the pool closes and we prepare for winter.

Unless there's a change in the weather. If the heat sticks around just a little bit more, maybe we'll have a Thanksgiving Pool Party.

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cj said...

Hope it's cooled down by now, Matt.