Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tour de Cure 2009

After the ride.

Tour de Cure 2009 is in the books. For the first time, all of us did the ride. This morning in Brighton, Aaron and I participated in the 25-mile bike ride out of Brighton, and Lori and Elianna participated in the 10-mile ride. I am incredibly proud of both kids. For Elianna, it has barely been two months since she learned to ride a bike. And for Aaron, what a ride: All the hills. No walking the bike. No stops at all between the rest area, except for a very brief moment when our path crossed with Lori and Elianna. Conditions were perfect, nearly erasing memories of last year's excruciating heat. Perfect, except for the one moment on the way home when my bikes decided they'd like to fly right off the car (fortunately, they stayed attached).

Business part first:
Now, then: Donations may still be made through the remainder of June, 2009, via the American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure website. Our pages:

Now, back to the ride:
The 25-mile route was changed up this year. Away from the dangerous intersection over I-96, and instead through Island Lake Park in to Kensington at the start. Fewer steep uphills made life a tad easier as well. Also, much better marked, so no getting confused. Whereas last year the 25 mile route was only 22 miles, this year it was 27. I guess it balances.
On the down side: at about 16 miles the course went right by the finish line... very weird. And there were only 2 rest areas, 12 miles apart. That's a little sparse for me. But enough of the nits! Here are some pictures.

Reading the blog from last year... what a difference! Last year, a quart of water, significant burning around the edges of the jersey, and peeling it off at the end of the ride. Nothing of the sort this year... but still heaven to come home to the cherries and the pool.

As of this evening, Team Orel slipped in to the top 20 in the local ride with $1921 raised. That's good, and we're proud to help out. With these tough economic times, I know that donations are way off; still, we appreciate any and all contributions! Thanks for reading (and hopefully participating)!

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