Friday, April 28, 2006

It grows and grows

When The Songs of The Seeger Sessions launched a couple of weeks ago, it included 1567 recordings, and I had 69 audio or video links.

Today, we're up to 1625 recordings, including 93 audio or video links, including 34 audio/video just for "John Henry."

The scariest moment was realizing that there might be lots of audio out at The Prairie Home Companion website. No, the scariest moment was finding them. But it did lead to finding several good recordings, and also a fiendishly funny take on "Shenandoah" from 1998, in which Garrison Keillor proposes that the song be outlawed, and invents phrases such as being arrested for "committing Shenandoah" and having a "Shenandependency."

Best moments? The feedback. From people remembering albums they had as kids, to artists finding (or sometimes not finding) their own recordings. For some artists, a google of their name plus the song(s) they recorded pops up the site as the first item.
Hopefully a few more artists will make mp3's of their recordings available for linking from the site.

This morning I also added the first song post-album: How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live. Sure to be a powderkeg when Bruce plays it in New Orleans this weekend.

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