Sunday, April 16, 2006

Stuff heard 'round the house the last few days:

Me, to Aaron: How did you do on your spelling test?
Aaron: I got them all right, and I almost got the bonus word.
Me: What was the bonus word?
Aaron: "Commandment." I left out the first m.

Aaron had a recent school project on the Titanic. So happens, we have the movie, it was a $5 laserdisc closeout. Lori let him see it. They got to the car scene. He's 9; Lori let him watch...
Aaron: What are they doing in there? Are they naked?

Aaron and Elianna, arguing after I'd done something mean to him (probably telling him to stop shredding his napkin at the table):
Aaron: Daddy is mean.
Elianna: No, he's not! He's a nice daddy.
Aaron: Yes he is. I should know, I spend more time with him.
Elianna: No you don't. I jump on him more.
Aaron: No you don't.
Elianna: Yes I do. I jumped on him this morning.

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