Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Traffic of The Songs of the Seeger Sessions

My website has generally been a relatively quiet place. My personal pages get a few hits a day, and the Bruce stuff a few more. The discography got more hits, due to it really being the first major Springsteen discography on the web, and still among the more complete (and without those annoying pop-ups).

When the last tour ended, traffic dropped off, and it really hadn't come back at all. A typical day might include 2000 or so total hits, with 50-60 of them being for the discography. But that all changed last week.

For about a month, I put together a project called The Seeger Sessions. This was a totally self-contained sub-site documenting the various songs of the new album.

Dave Marsh, who was writing verbose liner notes for the new album, loved it. The folks at were agreeable to the idea of linking it -- site unseen, even. Most of my work was doing the research and putting together the data; the site itself didn't escape from my imagination into actual web pages until the last 5 days.

The first run of the site went up on April 9; the folks at got enough of a glimpse on the 10th for me to know they would link to it. On April 12, it was mature enough for me to preview it to friends and put it on the blog, for anyone who might click here (until that point, the blog -- which I've never announced, might get 3 or 4 hits a day).

On Friday, April 14, was updated for the new album, including a link to the new site. On that day, the SeegerSessions home page generated more than 3000 hits, and the site overall surpassed 30,000. While I don't expect that to be repeated (though I do plan to update the site), traffic has remained pretty strong -- showing what some good links in popular places can do.

The sites linking to The SeegerSessions since the 14th include:
Backstreets Magazine
Point Blank Magazine
The Pop Candy blog at USA Today
Expecting Rain
The Associated Press
The Associated Press article, in addition to being picked up in yahoonews, was also picked up by
The New York Times,
The Chicago Tribune,
The San Jose Mercury News,
The San Francisco Chronicle,, and others.

It's been a pretty cool ride. Links from some of these places may not come round again for some time. Been fun answering the occasional email inquiry. And, if you're seeing this from blogger first, check out The Songs of The Seeger Sessions.


Marc Silverstein said...

I can't say that

Marc Silverstein said...

Sorry about my previous posting error, I just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful blog. I'm so happy that I surfed in for a visit and I plan to come back again. The Bruce sessions recording history and audio links that you compiled are just fantastic. I've even taken a look at some of the Bruce charities and I plan to consider a number of them in my future donations. Keep up the great work. Peace out.

Matt Orel said...


Thanks for the comment!
It's been a fun ride doing the research, and it doesn't really stop. Especially now that knowledgeable readers are finding things -- or not finding things that they should be finding. It's a crash course for me, not only in folk as communicated through these songs, but in so many touchpoints.

3 new audio links tonight, and there are probably 9 more going up tomorrow.